RE/MAX Rick Crossman Professional Real Estate Consultant
Things to Consider When Purchasing a Home

  • Next to making the decision to purchase a home, your most important consideration should be finding a Realtor you feel completely comfortable with. Interview potential representatives until you are sure you have established that feeling of trust in a person with the integrity to keep your interests at the forefront in your search for the perfect home.
  • It may be a good idea to speak to your Banker before you begin your search. Your Banker may pre-approve your mortgage funding, or at the very least give you an idea of how much of a mortgage would suit your needs at this time in your life. If you have an idea of how much of a mortgage you could afford to carry, then the price range will shorten your shopping list, giving you more time to focus on real possibilities.
  • Communicate clearly what you consider to be important features in your search for a home, keeping your agent informed as to what you like or dislike in any homes you may view. This will give your agent the ability to narrow down properties that would be more suitable for you, not wasting your time looking at homes that would not fit your needs.
  • Your Real Estate Representative is a professional trained to negotiate on your behalf, so when you have found that "perfect home" let your agent negotiate the fairest price possible with your terms and conditions clearly presented. When you have the price and terms that are completely suited to your needs, the Agent will complete the necessary paperwork in preparation for closing the deal.
  • One final consideration for you is retaining the services of a Lawyer to complete the legalities involved in the purchase of your home. In most instances, your Real Estate Agent will be familiar with legal representatives in the community and would probably feel comfortable in recommending one to you. Your Agent will follow the deal through to the closing, keeping you informed along the way.