RE/MAX Rick Crossman Professional Real Estate Consultant
Tips for Selling Your Home

  • That first impression will likely be the lasting one so keep the lawn well manicured, the shrubs neatly trimmed, and the approach to the clean or freshly painted front door completely unobstructed. In autumn, rake the leaves and in winter shovel the walkway.
  • Make sure the house is clean, with the paint and trim in good repair. A fresh coat of paint can add value to your property. Prospective buyers want to see how great your home looks, not how great it "could" look with a little TLC.
  • Be sure there are no leaking faucets or discolored/worn sinks or bathroom fixtures. Little problems may take attention away from the other great features of your home.
  • Keep the attic and basement free of clutter. Remember potential purchasers are looking for a comfortable living space with storage, Therefore sell, store elsewhere or get rid of excess "stuff".
  • Well-organized closets will appear to be larger perhaps than they really are, so pack up those old/excess clothes and give them to your favorite charity.
  • Your kitchen should be spotlessly clean with the countertop as clear of clutter as possible. Put your small appliances away so viewers can see how much counter space there really is.
  • Bathrooms sell houses. As well as keeping them sparkling clean, ensure the caulking in the tub/shower is fresh and not damaged. Display your best towels, mats and shower curtains.
  • To give the bedrooms a more spacious look, keep only a minimal amount of furniture in them. Bedspreads and curtains in shades that compliment the walls are a must!
  • When the sun is shining, open up the curtains and shades to give your home a bright cheery feeling. At night or on duller days, turn on all the lights both inside and outside to add color and warmth and make prospective buyers feel welcome.
  • Although your pets are great companions, they should not be underfoot while a potential buyer is viewing your house. Keep the food dishes out of sight and put the litter pan away.
  • Relax, and let your Real Estate Agent handle the bookings for showing your property, while keeping potential purchasers informed on the attributes your home possesses.